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Olymp Trade
Open Your Free Demo Account with #1 Trading Platform Worldwide – Olymp Trade

Whether you want to open a free Demat account or to trade with real money, you can get it on one of the world’s trending platforms – Olymp Trade.

Olymp Trade has been an authentic trading broker and one of the most prestigious companies in the trading market since 2014. Being a remarkable and reliable trading platform, Olymp Trade is used by people of almost all demography and experiences level whether they are just begging or reached an advanced level.

Now, Olymp trade is spread is more than 100 countries and acquired over 25000 active traders on a daily basis which further counts to 35000000 closed trades every month. CurrOlymp trade has paid over $13,700,000 to its successful members, that too on a monthly basis. 

Another reason behind its drastic success is the convenience it is offering in the form of giving a seamless and affordable process, to begin with. If you want to begin, you just need a deposit of $10 and if you are looking for trading on this platform, you can just start with $1. The broker regulation of FinaCom says everything about how reliable it is for trading online.

These impressive numbers make them very reliable and one of the most used platforms in the world.

  • Website: olymptrade.com
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Minimum Trade: $1
  • Broker Regulation: FinaCom

Stay tuned to know more about the services offered by Olymp trade as we have covered every aspect in this detailed review which includes kinds of broker, the demo to start with, and real account as well as its usage on all platforms. In other words, you will get to know almost everything about this trading platform – Olymp Trade.

On top of that, Olymp Trade is giving free bonus code for your first deposit to ensure an alive and kicking entry in the financial industry.


Within a few years after its launch, it made a reputation of high-performance functionality and a user-friendly interface. On top of that, it never stopped improving their platform even after seeing a conspicuous trace of success in the way. Soon it became one of the most renowned trading brokers in the market. This is how it won several awards and recognition in which the most noteworthy are:

  • The Best Trading Platform from The Forex Awards
  • Best Broker from Forex Expo 2017
  • Best Financial Broker from CPA Life Awards 2017 
  • Fastest Growing Broker from ShowFX World 2016
  • Innovative Broker from IAFT Awards 2017
  • Ultimate Trading Platform

Olymp Trade has simplified the process of trading along with focusing on improving the client’s experience. It has also arranged its feature in a way that helps you navigatte through the platform easily. That’s how you can have a fruitful and effortless trading process on Olymp Trade. 

Another benefit of Olymp Trade is its availability on a different operating system which includes windows, android, and iOS. The platform has nailed it UI/UX in terms of giving a user-friendly experience. The measure and tracking of all your trades do not require any hassle at all, you can keep an eye on it without putting much effort. On top of that, you install its app on your desktop as well. 

You will see a crystal clear and compact chart on the main page that includes the anticipated time and amount required for the trade. Also, there are different variations of color and graph which can be customized as per the theme and purpose of charts. Besides, you can find details about open or closed trades along with a chat box at the footer of the website. After all, the purpose of designing the webpage was to make it really easy for the users to navigate through.

Olymp Trade Trading Assets

Olymp trade allows fixed time trades in a variety of markets. Started in 2014, Olymp Trade has acquired over 25k active users. These users got the opportunity to trade in different markets.

Mobile Applications Olymp Trade mobile apps

Whether you use an android device or an iPhone, you can easily download the app of Olymp Trade by searching it on google play store or the Apple app store. Apart from this, you can directly download its official .apk file from the Olymp Trade website. Overall, you don’t have to bother about keeping track of your trades by going again and again on the website. 

You must know that both their apps got glowing reviews on their corresponding app store. Also, both the apps have the same look and designs despite the fact that they have built for different platforms. There is no advantage of using one over the other, whether you are using it n desktop or on your android phone. One exceptional benefit that mobile traders get is its convenience and rapid trade without any hassle.

You may think that a small screen is not enough to give a good look at the information required for trading. But the good news is that the app provides a thorough analysis of whatever is need to make a decision.

Whether you want to open a free Demat account or to trade with real money, you can get it on one of the world’s trending platforms – Olymp Trade.

Payment System

There are various methods that the fellow users can adopt with regards to the withdrawal of money keeping in mind that the process should be similar to the initial deposit prior to the deposit amount. This procedure is considered legitimate in the industry to avoid money laundering.

Various alternatives ways can be adopted as a substitute to make a deposit of money. Some mentions include:

  •     Bank Transfer
  •     Credit Card
  •     Debit Card
  •     Neteller
  •     Cryptocurrency
  •     Skill

Despite bank transfers that might take a longer time, the payments are handled within no time. In addition to that, the users aren’t charged any commission or any other processing fees and the least deposit is just $ 10 only but the bank might charge a specific amount for relocating funds.

Withdrawal Process

Regarding withdrawals, the same method is used as it was for deposition at a faster pace. Generally, it is processed on the very day itself, but to be on the safer side the operator follows the 3 working day principle. In practice, the transaction is completed within 24 hours making it hassle-free.

Olymp Trade: The ultimate Trading Platform.

Olymp Trade Free Demo Account and Bonus Code

It offers its fellow users with a free demo account to check whether it is reliable and user-compatible or not before one starts really investing money. In order to convince the users, the account provides a $10,000 virtual fund as the initial account balance once a user opens an account.


This is way more advantageous and reliable because the free demo account allows you to access all the features that are present in a standard paid account. Besides, the rookies or the ones who are new can get accustomed to the trading techniques before real time investing. The experienced traders can also come to review this Forum and get to know the applications and functionality through its user-friendly interface.

Readers kindly note that you can use the Bonus Code and get a flat +30% BONUS on their very first deposit. (Use: BOY30).

*(Note- Offer period: 22/11/2019 – 31/12/2020)

You can open your own, free Demo Account by simply enrolling in with your Email.No need of any identity proof required to register until its a paid account. So Hurry up! Register Now.

Olymp Trade Regulations

Well, before investing one must look into the matter that an official government body manages the broker or any platform or forum. The Olymp Trade platform is looked after by the International Financial Commission(IFC) headquartered in Grenadines and St.Vincent. 

There have been many speculations raised regarding the legitimacy of IFC in the past, the users might conduct research before putting their trust completely on this platform.

The guidelines about this research are provided because any platform is considered safe when any official body like the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission(CySEC), the UK Financial Conduct Authority(FCA), or the Australian Securities & Investments Commission(ASIC) controls it.

Added Advantages:

The Olymp Trade Platform initiates help to its users to manage and also guides its new Users with its pre-created trading plans and subsequent recommendations that guarantee up to a 92% return, keeping in mind that the users should be alert that forex trading and CFD poses a high risk. Also, the feature of helping in managing accounts seems slightly strange as the brokers make the market that generates wealth despite your wins and losses on a particular trade.

 Well, speaking about its benefits Olymp Trade is newbie-friendly and offers a plethora of education and resources for its newcomers. The ultimate goal is to help its users irrespective of the amount of experience or passive income they generate by being an accessible broker. The educational resources it contains provides an appropriate road-map to strategize and plan a proper trading technique.

These crucial steps do necessarily help the users to acquire knowledge about the Financial World and they develop the requirements to be a full-fledged trader. The members are offered with interactive video tutorials, webinars along with other courses developed by leading Financial Analysts. Except that, there are other advanced courses for enhancing trading besides capital management.

Account Types:

The Standard Account: The investors need a minimum of $10 deposit to get a standard account. For trading, they can start with a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $2000.Users can withdraw any number of times they wish for. The spreads offered by the standard account range about 1.1 pips.

VIP Account:  A minimum of $2000 is required in order to make a VIP account. The holders are given choices to invest $5000 at the highest level. They Are also entitled to a VIP consultant, who is generally a proficient analyst who can guide about the choices of trade. There are also numerous training tools that are exclusively valid for the VIP account.

Safety and Security:

Talking about safety, the Olymp Trade platform comes with the latest advanced encryption to safeguard the user information and thus avoiding data leakage. It has also got a new feature where users can fund through their respective E-wallets if they are not comfortable in sharing their bank account details or any personal piece of information with the trading forum. These new additions are done because of some issues raised in the past regarding the data and user safety, whether the IFC was up to the benchmark of the FCA in supervising and administering the brokers.

Prerequisite to start with – 

  • You must open a Demat account before everything which you can just by visiting the website. 
  • Enter your email and password, it will be done  only in a few seconds
  • Now explore the platform of Olymp trade while doing risk-free trading. 
  • You can also for a free demo account to learn thoroughly about trading on it. 
  • Explore the platform and see what it’s like to invest without putting your money at risk. You can practice and learn how to trade on your free demo account as much as you want.

After having an account on the Olymp Trade, you need to craft a thorough strategy. For comprehending it a bot more, take a look at the following steps – 

  1. First of all, pick a trading instrument – Fixed Time Trades. Now follow it up with a currency pair. 
  2. Buckle up for your first trade, then decide the time and amouNt to iNVent after setting candlestick. 
  3. It’s time to use your intuitive ability by predicting the graph of the exchange rate. See whether it will go up or down and act accordingly as per the red And green candle.
  4. Start a trade Based on the color of the previous Candle.
  5. Your trading will be closed after the expiry time. 
  6. In this way, you Can ContiNue trading. 

Final Verdict

Olymp Trade is so popular in this industry due to its user interface that simplifies the trading process. It makes everything simpler for users so that they will stay motivated to trade on this platform and visualize their anticipated earning and profit. This is the reason why Olymp Trade is recommended to new traders as well as the experienced ones. 

You can trade across the globe while sitting in the comfort of your home. This platform allows trading in all countries except Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States, the European Union, Israel, Russia & Iran. However, it is well renowned in Indonesia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil & more.

Olymp Trade
Open Your Free Demo Account with #1 Trading Platform Worldwide – Olymp Trade

Whether you want to open a free Demat account or to trade with real money, you can get it on one of the world’s trending platforms – Olymp Trade.

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